Spacious Additional Room in Separated Building

Relaxing Minilao Residence With Lush Greenery Growing Around The House Building To Give Shades For The Home

Luxurious And Inviting Two Level Home Idea Of Minilao Residence With Cool Open Floor Plan Setting To Keep The Living Space Airy

Wonderful Sunset View Of Ocean Seen From Minilao Residence Balcony With Little Accent Of Straw Roof On The Top To Reflect Cottage

Incredible Master Bedroom Interior With Cool Frame Created By Folding Glass Doors Featured By Deck Flooring To Match The Fence

Romantic And Comfortable Minilao Residence Exterior Appearance With Lush Vegetation And Straw Roof To Emphasize The Nature

Stylish To Story Minilao Residence With Cool Wooden Pillars And Frame To Sustaiin The Straw Roof On The Top Part Of The House

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